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Meeting of DUO-Korea 2001 Fellowship Awardees

Secretariat for ASEM-DUO Fellowship, Seoul February 28 2002

Fourteen students and professors who have been selected by DUO-Korea 2001, a DUO- Korea contact point in the Ministry of Education & HRD of Korea and secretariat staffs had a small but friendly meeting on February 28 2002 at the secretariat office in Seoul, Korea. The meeting was aimed to serve as a venue for fellowship awardees and DUO staffs to exchange information and experiences regarding their exchange programs and the fellowship grants by person-to-person contacts.

Among participants, eight were Korean students and professors who have not yet departed to their host countries and six were European students who have been undertaking exchange courses in Korean institutions from January 2002. They first had orientation session on the fellowship procedures and then had time to share their ideas and experiences that they had gained during application of the fellowship and their stay in host institutions. Most of them hoped that the ASEM-DUO Fellowship should be broadly informed to potential applicants, therefore many students and teachers who are interested in participating in exchange programs between Asia and Europe could take advantage of this fellowship.

Soon after a bit awkward icebreaking period, participants got together and had fun talking with having refreshments, and freely delivered their questions to the staffs and the Korean Ministry of Education officer. Many thanks and pleased remarks from the selected students and professors have been also presented to the ASEM-DUO Fellowship Programme at this meeting.