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DUO-Korea 2014 Call for Application
admin 2014-04-29 10:58:57 448695
DUO-Korea 2014 is on!
You may find more information by clicking DUO-Korea menu on this website. The application period is from April 29 until May 28 local Korean time. Exchange students in tertiary education institutions in Korea and Europe are eligible to apply through Korean institutions. All applicants (Korean and European) should already have partners to fill out application. 
The announcement will be relayed to Korean universities via Ministry of Education and to EC member contact points. For those of you who are new to DUO-Korea programme, we kindly ask you to visit our DUO-Korea menu first to find out more about the programme. Eligibility and requirement have not changed much from last year.
An Online Application System is recently introduced to DUO-Korea 2014.
1. Click JOIN US button and find the Name of Home Institution to get an ID.
※ If you don't find the name of your institution, please contact the secretariat to add your institution to the list. 
2. Enter your password with the minimum information of the contact person in Home University. One Institution can ONLY get one ID. From DUO-Korea 2014, there should be ONLY one contact person in the same Home Institution.
3. Home Institution should fill out the whole application including the information of Host Institution. Application Form in PDF format can be downloaded from the ASEM-DUO website (www.asemduo.org) at the banner of Applications & Forms.

※ Once Completed, please make it sure to submit your application by clicking "submit" botton. Home Institution should get a confirmation email from the secretariat within 3 days after completion of submission. If you don't get a confirmation email in 3 working days, please contact admin2@asemduo.org (+82-2-720-6712) promptly.

If you need more assistance, you are welcome to contact us at +822-720-6712 or email at admin2@asemduo.org
Thank you for being patient and loyal to keep this programme going.
DUO-Korea 2014 Application Form.pdf

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