1. Who are eligible for DUO-Korea?
1) Korean national students (undergraduate and graduate) enrolled in Korean universities or colleges.
2) Those who meet the condition 1), should find ASEM European national exchange partners from European educational institutions that maintain academic cooperation agreement with the institutions where applicants are enrolled. The ASEM-DUO Secretariat is not responsible for finding partners or partner institutions. Check with the international cooperation office or any equivalent offices in your institution for assistance.
3) Students should be paired with students ONLY.
4) TOEIC and TOEFL scores, GPA and the names of Universities are not required for application eligibility.
2. Should the periods of exchange coincide for each pair?
  Not necessarily. However, the exchange should be executed after August 2015 and finish before September 2016.

3. Do I need to take courses in the field of my major when I study host institutions? And is there any priority given to specific fields of majors?
  Not necessarily. And there is no priority given to specific major. However, taking only intensive language courses during DUO-Korea exchange period is not acceptable.

4. How much language proficiency does DUO-Korea require for selection?
  There is no official language test score required for application. However, there is no doubt that you shall understand, read and write either in English or in native language of host country to implement exchange study.

5. For how many months can I apply for DUO-Korea Fellowship?
  The DUO-Korea Fellowship is granted in semester basis. 1 semester for students is 4 months and, you can apply for maximum 1 semester (4 months)

6. How many times is DUO-Korea Fellowship in a year?
  The call for DUO-Korea Fellowship is announced ONLY once a year. This year DUO-Korea 2015 will support exchange from fall semester 2015 until spring semester 2016. So if you are interested in taking exchange in spring of 2016, you should apply now.

7. How much money does the fellowship winner receive?
  For a student, 4,000 euros will be paid for 1 semester of academic exchange. However, if the stay in host country does not meet the requirement, the payment will be reduced on pro-rata basis.

8. How to apply?

1) Consult with the International Relations office in your university regarding your eligibility and availability of a partner.
2) If a student is eligible, the Contact Person of university or school fills out an Online Application Form on the ASEM-DUO website.
3) The Contact Person of Korean institution fills out the application form on behalf of two persons of exchange and the Contact Person of host institution, and submits to the secretariat through the website.
4) Along with the Online Application Form, the copy of the cooperation agreement between paired institutions, and passport of paired applicants should be attached. The preferred file formats of Cooperation Agreement and Passport for attachments are JPG or PDF

e-mail: admin2@asemduo.org
fax: +82-2-720-6715

9. Who is the “Contact Person” indicated in the application form?
  The Contact Person shall be capable of assisting exchange projects, for example contacting incoming or outgoing students and representing the institution. Contact Person shall be located in each university or school. In most cases, International Relations Office staffs in educational institutions are in charge.

10. Who should submit the application form?
  The Contact Person of a Korean educational institution shall complete the application form, type one’s name & the president/director’s name and date at the end of the form, and click “submit” button. The original application form properly signed will be requested only if your application has been selected.

11. For DUO-Korea, who select exchange projects?
  The DUO-Korea Selection Committee consists of domestic and international experts in the field of educational exchange, and it selects successful applicants.

12. How long does the selection procedure take?
  Approximately in 4 to 6 weeks, the selection is completed. As soon as the selection is made, the result is announced on this website and the selected ones are contacted by the secretariat through e-mail.

13. What are the selection criteria?
  New project based application under DUO-Korea shall be given priority in selection. No priority to the fields of exchange.

14. Are there any restrictions in using the fellowship?
  There are no restrictions. It can finance tuition and living or travel expenses.

15. Where can I ask for visa inquiries for host country?
  The Secretariat advises to direct inquiries to host country embassies for more information. In case you need to have a certificate to prove yourself as a recipient of ASEM-DUO Fellowship, you may ask for such documentation to the Secretariat. We shall send the document to your requested destination.

16. When do I receive fellowship?
  For students, the recipient shall receive 50% of the total fellowship 2 weeks prior to his/her expected departure for the host institution with all documents submitted to the Secretariat. The rest will be paid upon the reception of the request for transfer from the recipient from the host country when he/she reaches half of the exchange period.

17. As usual, how many pairs are selected in a year?
  The number of selection will be based on the available fund this year. This year’s budget would allow total of 56 pairs of students.

18. What are the obligations of the fellowship recipients?
  An essay (3-4 pages except the cover page in A4 paper, single spaced, 12 fonts; format is uploaded in the website) and the copy of passport (front photo page and page(s) of stamped arrival & departure dates) shall be submitted to the secretariat by persons of exchange. In addition, students are required to submit a transcript of Home (originating) Institution which includes all courses taken in Host (destination) Institution.