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Results of the 4th ASEM-DUO Fellows Alumni Meeting
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Dear honorable ASEM-DUO Alumni Guests,

I am writing to express the very warm thanks of your participation at the 4th ASEM-DUO Fellows Alumni Meeting hosted on October 26 (Fri), 2018.

We received more than 80 guests from universities and ASEM member organizations. We were indeed glad to see you in person. This occasion brought an opportunity to network one another among fellows that the Secretariat had long planned for. It also raised interest among non-contributing members and universities in promotion of our programme as they see actual results with experiences and talks shared by fellows.

Without loyal cooperation from contributing members, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Sweden, Belgium/Flemish and Belgium/Wallonia, this Alumni Meeting would not have been possible to materialize by the Secretariat alone. We are honored to have such great team-work, and our gratitude goes out to them for their interminable service rendered to our needs.

I hope you enjoyed the time with us as much as we did in your company and kindly request for your continuous interest in our ASEM-DUO Fellowship Programme.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

K. J. Sung, Ph.D.

Director General

The Secretariat for ASEM-DUO Fellowship Programme

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