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DUO-Thailand 2008 Application in Process
admin 2007-10-23 15:39:10 910713
DUO-Thailand is calling for the third round of applications. So far it has supported 94 professors and 24 students from Thailand and Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, the Netherlands, and UK. . The deadline for the application period is by February 8, 2008.
Under the auspices of the Commission on Higher Education in Thailand, this Fellowship invites new exchange program undertaken by two academic institutions above tertiary level, one Thai and the other located in the EU ASEM member countries, in order to strengthen or develop partnership relations. So if your country was not on the list of fellows for DUO-Thailand, there is an opportunity that your institutions will be next on the list in 2008.
Under the DUO-Thailand Fellowship, EU university students and professors can have financial supports for their exchange study, research and/or teaching in Thailand. Details of DUO-Thailand Fellowship including eligibility, criteria and application information are in the attachment for your information. I hope this information will be broadly spread in your higher education institutions, so that more people interested in exchanges with Thai institutions will have fellowship opportunities.
If you have any comments or further questions regarding the attached materials, please e-mail to the Commission on Higher Education in Thailand at You may find relevant information regarding ASEM-DUO and DUO-Thailand Fellowship from the secretariat’s website at by next week and the Commission on Higher Education, the Ministry of Education in Thailand at http://
Look forward to your participation in this program that will definitely enrich your experience.
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