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Extension of DUO-Sweden 2020 Call for Applications (2nd Round)
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Summary of DUO-Sweden 2020 Call for Applications (2nd Round)

1. Application Period

- 31 August 2020 - 22 October 2020 (Local Sweden Time)

- No applications will be accepted after the deadline of 22 October 2020 (GMT +1)

2. Eligibility

Your exchange project fulfills all three requirements below:

1) An educational institution in Sweden (home institution) and an educational institution in Asia (host institution) have established an academic cooperative arrangement/inter-institutional agreement; and

2) The Swedish home institution has selected an EU national student enrolled at the home institution to send to the Asian host institution, and such selection has been accepted by the Asian host institution; and

3) The same Asian host institution has selected an Asian student enrolled at the host institution to send to the Swedish home institution, and such selection has been accepted by the same Swedish home institution.

3. Duration and Funding

Those who are planning to exchange in Spring Semester of 2021 and Fall Semester of 2021 shall apply for DUO-Sweden 2020. Those who are planning to exchange in Spring Semester of 2022 (January-August 2022) shall apply for DUO-Sweden 2021.

The duration and the amount of the fellowships are standardized as follows:

- 1 semester for an amount of 7,000 Euro for both students in a pair.
- 3,500 Euros each in high income country
- 4,000 Euros for Asian student (in Middle and Low income countries) and 3,000 Euros for Swedish student
- Maximum duration for application is 1 semester (120 days).

※ Exchange of less than one semester is NOT allowed. If a semester is less than 4 months in the Home/Host institutions, then the scholarship will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis.

4. Documents

1) An online application Form ONLY

2) A copy of cooperation agreement
3) A copy of passport of paired applicants
4) A copy of transcript of paired applicants (should include the grades until Spring semester 2020)

5. Application Submission

1) Enter your ID and password on the LOGIN page to fill out an online application.

※ Click JOIN US button to get an ID. If you don't find the name of your institution, please contact the secretariat to add your institution to the list.
2) Home Institution should fill out the whole application including the information of Host Institution. Application Form in PDF format can be downloaded from the website at the banner of Forms.
3) The rest of the documents (cooperation agreement, passport copy, and transcript) can be uploaded in the last step of the application process.
4) Once Completed, please make sure to submit your application by clicking "submit" button. Home Institution should get a confirmation email from the secretariat within 3 days after completion of submission. If you don't get a confirmation email in 3 working days, please contact promptly.

6. Contacts

For any information related to this announcement, please contact:

● Tel: +82-2-720-6712
● Email:

DUO-Sweden 2020 Application Form (2nd Round).doc
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